2020 EDITION: HUMAN RIGHTS,Health, Social and Environmental Issues in Australia and the World

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photos courtesy of Tourism Queensland

The Dive: A photo story of a student's dive for his PADI in the reef strewn seas off the Whitsundays in Australia's Great Barrier Reef, with a few surprises. Also an examination into the corrupt practices of Australian dive companies, ripping off workers and circumventing safety and wage laws click here

My Lai - The duty to disobey

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- with President Trump wanting to pull back and make other nations pay more for world security, end US occupation in the Middle East with its atrocities and torture on both sides giving rise to the horrors of ISIS, but still opposing the International Criminal Court, we ask why armed intervention has failed so often in trying to help foreign countries and if it is due to a flawed mentality in the armed forces and revisit an American atrocity. First part in an historical analysis of the US massacre of 400 innocent unarmed villagers in the Vietnam War. NEXT EDITION re-examines why this command failure occurred and sheds new light on who in fact may have been responsible and why we need to know when to disobey our commander. [more]

Clinton's Anti-Personal Mind

- why did Hillary lose the election, did Bill Clinton bring her down and set America up for World Terrorism?: An opinion on the ex President's use of force, failure to ban landmines and drift to the right, making a comparison to Justinian's reign and the collapse of the Roman Empire - analysing what Bush and Obama did to exacerbate and rectify those mistakes. And how Trump might save or destroy the world NEXT EDITION - Afghanistan and The Great Game: Correlating The 1857 Mutiny to modern Afghanistan's collapse back into Talibanism and how to save it from disaster.  [more]

The Diana Myth

- a surreal and satirical look at the Princess of Wales death and how the 'fates' dictated it all according to the myth of the classical goddess. [more]

"Ophicius" - The Christ of Klon Ch.1 & 2.

A mystical manuscript leads an investigative journalist into a nuclear terrorist plot leading to an assassination of the President of Pakistan. The bizarre tale of intrigue has only just began in Paris as the involvement of the secret Crusader Templar order of Sion reveals itself in epic proportions and the very foundations of Christianity begin to change. [more]

Business plan for the New Eden on this planet

The plan for a new age spiritual rawfoods community in tropical Australia near Cairns. This detailed report gives the outline for the creation and purpose for altering our planet's evolution to a sustainable and peaceful humanity via this prototype utopia. [more]


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- first part in the old Kennet Government's disgraceful masking of its own scientific reports and scientists opposing 'old growth forest' logging of an unique area of temperate and cool rainforest in East Gippsland. This is the journal that began with a trip to the GECO protest in 1997 and ended with protection by a national park. NEXT EDITION the DNRE's dispicable justification by manipulating data for logging and the truth that came out through their scientists. [more]

Lockhart River

- an example of Aboriginal success or failure? A journey into an Aboriginal community in Cape York that was destroying itself through drugs and alcohol, investigating why the Australian government allowed this breach of children's UN protected human rights to occur, due to flaws in the Racial Discrimination Act made worse by the Commissioner and Liquor Board and how it eventually is changing for the better, after we submitted a legal report to the Federal and State govenments on this shame that resulted in alcohol being banned after a Royal Commission. [more]

Kashmir's War

- travels into India's cold war zone where Islamic fundamentalists think nothing of dying for their cause. A photojournalist's exploration of this Muslim state caught between the Taliban, Pakistan and the Hindu giant. Perhaps the key to ending Al Qaeda's terrorism - through rectifying a gross international injustice by finally creating an independent Kashmir both from Pakistan and India. NEXT EDITION Interviewing the General-Secretary of the JKLF [more]

TimePix photos provided courtesy of Time and Life where action speaks louder than words

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Australia's Hugathon to stop War and refugees in the Middle East

"Pray President Don Trump does the decent thing and hands over to responsible Islamic countries led by Turkey and Egypt to act as peacekeepers under the United Nations, then to make way for genuine democratic elections in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Yeman and Afghanistan and in time the sort of human rights that we cherish in Western countries. America's policy has little to commend for itself, foreign occupation is not the answer, neither has the troop pull out that led to ISIS and bloody civil war as we have seen in Iraq and Syria; only through regional self management can peaceful change and true self determination be manifested," TMMAG


The Worldwide Network of Ascension.

The purpose of WNA collectives are to get people together in your local area through a Worldwide Network to Ascend yourself and others together.


Bring Enlightenment to your local community via holistic system of balanced spiritual awareness through health, yoga, exercise and nutrition and by helping to ascend the individual and also through collective consciousness to ascend humanity as a whole and so create the utopia for the planet so bringing heaven to earth as Revelations revealed. Go to www.wna.org.au to stay in our ashram, do a course, take a class or become part of the network to change our planet.


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